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Gisela is the name of a Catalan pop singer. She was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, and became famous after coming 8th in the first edition of Operación Triunfo. Before the start of Operacion Triunfo, she was a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, studying Journalism.
Career after Operación Triunfo

Her first album was Parte De Mí. It came out in Spain in 2002, selling 200,000 copies in a few weeks. Este Amor Es Tuyo, won the Viña del Mar International Song Festival contest in 2003 and also she won the award for best voice in the same edition. That year she also sang at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn with her friend Rosa López.

Her second album in 2003, Más Allá has five singles, including Más Allá, the number 1 Sola and Amor Divino. Also in 2003, her version of Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" was included in an advert in the United Kingdom.

Ni te lo imaginas

Her third album, Ni te lo imaginas, came out in 2006, under a new record label (Filmax, rather than Vale Music). There were four singles off the album, the first and the third becoming Gisela's most successful so far in her career. The first was Turu-Turu, a pop ballad reaching Number 1 in Spain on its second week. Amid the success of Turu-Turu, the second single Mágica La Notte managed to climb up to 62 on the Spanish iTunes chart, becoming Gisela's least successful single to date. This resulted in Filmax releasing a Special Edition version of the album, including two new songs, the first called Mi mundo eres tú and the second, Viviré en tus sueños. Viviré en tus sueños managed to climb up to Number 7 in the Spanish iTunes chart, helped by the film Perón" that had it as its theme song. The fourth single Mi mundo eres tú" was a radio only single, and it even managed to climb into the United Kingdom's iTunes pop chart at the end of 2007.


She has interpreted the original B.S.O. for Spain of the Disney movies: Peter Pan (2002), Beauty and the Beast (2003) and Enchanted (2007), and others films.
Eurovision 2008

Gisela with her girls at a welcome party in Belgrade

Gisela was confirmed as the Andorran representative to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with the song "Casanova". The song failed to reach the final as it ended up in the 16th of the semi-final contest.
Gisela 180px-Gisela_(Andorra)_with_dancers


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