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Andrea Demirović (Андреа Демировић) (born June 17, 1985, Titograd, Montenegro, SFR Yugoslavia) also known as simply Andrea, is a Montenegrin singer and a student of the Cetinje Music Academy - Music Pedagogy.

Her breakthrough came at the Sunčane Skale festival in 2002. She then had considerable successes at regional festivals, including the Serbo-Montenegrin and Montenegrin national finals for selecting the Eurovision Song Contest entry. Her first album, titled "Andrea", was released in 2006, under the City Records label. Her follow-up album is due for release later in 2009, and the first single from the new album is "The Queen of the Night", a cover of Mirela's Misión Eurovisión 2007 song.

Eurovision 2009

On January 23, it was revealed that Andrea would represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia. She was the first female singer to represent the nation at the contest and performed the song Just Get Out of My Life. It was the opening song in the first semi final on May 12, and is the highest-placing Montenegrin entry thus far, however failed to win a place in the final.Andrea Demirovic 220px-Andrea_Demirović


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