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Post  PeterCrouch on Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:07 am

Olta Boka (born November 4, 1991) is an Albanian singer who was chosen to represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with her song "Zemrën e lamë peng".[1] She won the Albanian national final, called Festivali i Këngës, and competed in the second semifinal, on May 22 and won a place in the final on May 24 where she finished 17th out of 25 entrants with 55 points. She is the youngest singer to represent a country in the Eurovision Song Contest since the year 2004 with Lisa Andreas representing Cyprus at 16. Olta Boka has participated in "Ethet" show in Albania. "Ethet" has got many singers from all Kosovo and Albania, and all singers must sing live. They sing songs that are hits.
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